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Nikon Releases Firmware Version 3.0 for the Nikon Z 9 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

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Nikon Inc. has announced a substantial update for the Nikon Z 9. Now available for free download, the firmware 3.0 update is the second major update to the Z 9 this year and adds enhancements to video and photo capture, usability, operability, autofocus and more.

“Firmware 3.0 not only demonstrates Nikon’s commitment to addressing our customers’ needs, but also our continued support to update products to their full potential for the benefit of our users,” said Jay Vannatter, executive vice president of Nikon Inc.

Both video and photo shooters as well as creators will see benefits from the new firmware with this update. Some of the more notable features include a new Hi-Res Zoom function, which provides additional optical zoom for 4K video and a new C60 High-Speed Frame Capture+, enabling 60 fps still shooting in DX-format. Firmware 3.0 also includes enhancements to the AF as well as upgraded display and operability. Starting today, Z 9 owners can visit the website here to download firmware 3.0 free of charge.

Other updates include high-res zoom, high-speed frame capture + C60 Mode, Autofocus enhancements, high-frequency flicker reduction, vertical playback display and more buttons for custom functions. There is also the Auto Series Playback function, display enhancements, override other.

Auto Series Playback function automatically displays images from the same burst of continuous shooting group after the first image in the burst is displayed in playback mode.

Display enhancements: File Info has been added to the information display, and a focus indicator is now available in camera.  

“Override other cameras” function has been added, enabling easy switching between master cameras when multiple cameras are designated as a primary.

Support for the FTPS protocol offers faster, safer image transfer with encryption.