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Emotion Detection and Recognition Technology Market to Grow 15 Percent

The Emotion Detection and Recognition Market is expected to grow to $44 billion by 2027, which is a growth CAGR of 15 percent from 2021-2027, according to a recent report published by UnivDatos Markets Insights. This is due to the demand of both electronic systems and vehicles, the adoption of electric vehicles and the popularity of wearables in general.

The market for emotion detection and recognition has grown significantly in the past decade, but witnessed a decline in 2020. Wearing masks were essential for social interaction, and of course interferes with emotional recognition in daily life. Further, the detection rate is the lowest under mask conditions, followed by sunglasses and uncovered conditions, which hinders detection rates. Key market players worked on these technologies despite the challenges.

According to the report, the market is segmented into Feature Extraction and 3D Modelling, Biosensors, Natural Language Processing (NLP), among others. During the next few years, the bio-sensing solution segment is expected to dominate the market, since biosensors are an essential part for emotion detection and recognition. This technology is useful catching the hidden physiological or emotional states of an individual to overcome the restraints of the facial or gesture recognition system.

The gesture & posture recognition segment is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period, as it offers the ability to communicate naturally with the technology through basic sign language, reduces the use of most prominent hardware devices, and assures good performance.