Home Audio/Video Philips Launches New Professional OLED Monitor  

Philips Launches New Professional OLED Monitor  

Philips Launches New Professional OLED Monitor  

Philips has released a new professional OLED monitor in partnership with EPI, the leading display specialist and brand license partner for the electronics company. The Philips 27E1N8900 was designed with professionals working from home in mind, especially graphic designers and illustrators. The monitor has plenty of impressive color features, including high visual contrast. state-of-the-art pixel responsiveness and ultra-wide color for an incredible picture. Additionally, it boasts UltraClear 4K UHD with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, DisplayHDR TrueBlack 400 for shadowing and a 10-bit display for smoother gradients. The Philips 27E1N8900 costs $1,099.99 and is currently available for order on Amazon.  

In other news, Edifier has announced a new pair of wireless, noise-cancelling over ear headphones. The WH950NB is a continuation of Edifier’s premium quality audio products that are available for a more affordable price. The headphones feature an intelligent active noise cancellation algorithm that helps to remove noise from the surrounding environment. Users are able to choose from two different noise cancellation modes – ambient sound or wind reduction. With four built in microphones, the headphones promise clear voice calls and an immersive experience when listening to music. The WH950NB is currently available in black for $179.99, with a white model to follow soon. 

Lastly, the European Union will now require all member states to share overviews of general data protection regulation investigations every two months. The move is an effort to crack down on privacy abuses by large technology companies, such as Meta, Amazon and Google. The investigation overviews conducted by EU member states are required to include what steps are being taken to show how they are moving forward. The announcement follows the EU Ombudsman’s recommendation to monitor big tech cases more closely, Engadget reported


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