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VOSMOS introduces DIY Virtual Events platform

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VOSMOS, a tech start-up that specializes in Metaverse and virtual experiences, has launched VOSMOS.Events, a DIY or user-created virtual events platform. VOSMOS.Events empowers individuals and organizations to create both small and large-scale virtual events that are dynamic and secure. Developed by VOSMOS in India, the platform offers a subscription-based model that enables users to create virtual events ranging from 100 to more than 1 lakh participants. VOSMOS is a part of Kestone Integrated Marketing Services and promoted by CL Educate, the parent company of Career Launcher.

The launch of VOSMOS.Events comes as a response to the rapidly growing virtual events market in India and across the globe. Virtual events gained immense popularity during the pandemic, becoming the go-to platform for every event. Initially, events were held on a rudimentary setup with the basic objective of allowing participants to listen and view the speakers. Even as offline events have resumed post-pandemic, there continues to be a virtual component, resulting in a wider market for virtual gatherings. As a result, VOSMOS.Events is poised to meet the demand for user-friendly virtual event solutions. The data driven base of the platform helps users leverage insights to better understand their customers.

Piyush Gupta, the CEO of VOSMOS, remarked, “Virtual events continue to be popular even after the pandemic. At VOSMOS, we listened to the demands of our users, who wanted empowerment to control their virtual events and the virtual components of their physical events. They desired a platform that could provide them with virtual rooms, branding options, networking zones etc. to replicate the physical event. VOSMOS.Events meets all those requirements by offering users complete control. Furthermore, the subscription-based model allows them to choose only the features they require, providing them with the necessary flexibility.”

According to Piyush Gupta, “One of the most exciting and proud aspects of VOSMOS.Events is that it has been conceptualized and developed in India for the world. This platform offers unparalleled customization options and can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. Whether you are an individual, small business owner, or a large corporation, the VOSMOS platform empowers you to create and manage your virtual event with ease.”

Organizing offline events is always a big task for event organizers, be it an individual, an agency, or an organization. Adding a virtual event component to it can make the process even more arduous. However, with VOSMOS.Events, setting up a virtual event takes only a few minutes. The platform provides a range of customizable options, including branding, slogans, ambiance, participant communication, networking, and much more, making it both convenient and personalized for users.

VOSMOS.Events’ key features include 3D Environment and Photorealistic; Theme & Templates; Live Streaming; Marketing Analytics, reports, and benchmarking; Simu-Live; Agenda Builder; Accessibility for differently-abled; Multiple language support; Chat & Networking; Polls/Survey/Feedback; Gamification & Leader board; Social Media Wall; Photo Booth; Exhibitors Space; Business card exchange; Resource Centre.