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Daryl C. Williams

Daryl C. Williams
Senior Director, Global Products Technology
GE Appliances
24 Years in the Industry

Black Leaders In Consumer Tech Award Winner 2021

Tell us about your career so far.

My career has been filled with exciting challenges and rewards. From early career product design projects to later opportunities leading globally distributed teams, I’ve always had the chance to solve consumer problems and create solutions for customers. Solving problems has the most rewarding part of my career.

Describe your current role.

As Senior Director, Global Products Technology, I lead a global team responsible for developing competitive, innovative features for our Global Products business unit which includes Microwave, Speed Cooking and Ventilation products.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, how is the CE industry doing both historically, and also in the past year?

I see the D&I landscape in consumer electronics evolving rapidly. Consumers are rewarding companies that can relate to their experience and meet their needs. Companies that can understand these needs will continue to outperform.

What could the CE industry do to improve on diversity and inclusion?

The industry should prioritize representation and inclusion of diverse in it’s corporate ranks. Seek out talented diverse individuals and support their growth. Understand that this will require new approaches and practices to yield improvements in diversity.

What would you tell non-black professionals in the CE industry who want to support the inclusion of black people in the industry?

Thank you for engaging. We need you as allies. Please continue to listen to the words of others who are experiencing the world differently than you. Take supportive action, listening alone is not enough.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I’m most proud when one of my mentees is awarded, promoted or achieves a major life accomplishment. I think having a positive impact on people is the greatest legacy a person can have.

What technology are you most interested in at the moment?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to radically reshape how we interact with EVERYTHING. It’s amazing how current applications, in common search engines, have become extremely intuitive in understanding consumer behaviors and interests. I believe this is only the beginning.

What’s the top trend in CE for you right now?

I think connected (ie ‘smart’) products are very popular right now. Utilizing those connections to provide on-going consumer value is the key element for companies to remain successful in this space.

What’s your favorite gadget right now?

My favorite product is the Cafe’ Advantium Speed Cook Oven. It provides chef quality cooking results 8X faster than a conventional oven. This product allows the busy consumer to prepare restaurant quality meals in a fraction of the time. It’s also WiFi connected to allow menu upgrades over time.

Any additional thoughts you’d like to share?

Thank you to CT Lab for this award. It is truly an honor to be recognized.