Home Dealerscope 2020 40 Under 40: Jordan Fuchs, HTSA

Dealerscope 2020 40 Under 40: Jordan Fuchs, HTSA

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Name: Jordan Fuchs

Age: 30

Job Title: Marketing Specialists & Administrator

Company: HTSA (Home Technology Specialists of America)

Years in Industry: 6.5

Where You Grew Up, Live Now: Grew up in a small country town of Woodstock, IL, a little more than an hour northwest of Chicago. After experiencing my first HTSA Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, six years ago, moving to Scottsdale became a new long-term goal of mine. I had the privilege of achieving that goal last year and made the move to sunny Arizona.

Education: Southern Illinois University (SIU), where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Shortly after my move to Arizona, I decided to go back to school to achieve a Master’s in Leadership and an MBA. I’m expected to complete both Masters at Grand Canyon University (GCU) in the Spring of 2022.

Accomplishments: I’m truly blessed with the job opportunity HTSA presented me as a fresh college graduate in 2013. Over the course of each year with HTSA, my title and responsibilities continue to evolve. This includes automating internal processes, migrating HTSA into a virtual business environment, and providing HTSA members with extensive, relevant marketing and education resources. I’m honored to work under the leadership of Jon Robbins, Executive Director of HTSA, and to work for all HTSA members. As I become more integrated within the Custom Install community, I hope to achieve more accolades throughout my career and continually push HTSA to be the leading industry trade consortium.

CE Industry Awards: Being an honoree in the Dealerscope 40 Under 40 Program is my first, and it’s an excellent step in the right direction.

What I Like Best About My Job: HTSA recognizes the importance of higher performance and working culture. What I like most about my job is the environment in which we work. We all have the opportunity to work remotely and the freedom to be innovative thinkers. Each of us adds value to the organization, and through our collaboration, we’re able to generate new initiatives and group opportunities. Working for HTSA has been a tremendous experience.

Pastime/Hobby: In my spare time, I love to play sports and guitar, but my favorite hobby is health focused. Being diagnosed with Crohn’s over two years ago, I’ve been determined to find alternative solutions and retake control. By embracing a positive mindset and improving my lifestyle, I reversed all symptoms, remain surgery-free, and now working myself off of medications. I’m truly excited to see what the future has in store and looking forward to living the life I imagine.

Last Book Read: Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin is the last book I finished. Written by two former Navy SEALs, they believe a mark of a true leader is accepting 100% ownership of everything in their domain. A leader must have the ability to admit failures, take ownership of their mistakes, and revise a new plan moving forward. This book provides the necessary framework and will assist me in my personal development for leadership growth.

What Makes You Believe the CE Industry Will Thrive in the Next 5 Years: From my perspective and the short time I’ve been in the CE world, the industry seems to be well equipped and adaptable, not to mention resilient! In these unprecedented times, the smart home is becoming more essential and an integral part of our daily lives. With our customers and clients working remotely, more emphasis is being placed on having a robust network, home automation, security, outdoor audio, and proper lighting. As we move into the future, I believe the CI channel will not only grow stronger but be ready for new opportunities.