Smart home security system on a smartphone app

Making Your Smart Home Entrance Smarter 

The demands of new smart home tech are driving companies to make new products.
Smart apartment being controlled through a tablet.

New Smart Apartments

New apartments are becoming more tech enabled and friendly to attract more consumers who are looking for an upgrade to their living experience.

WiZ Announces Several New Smart Lighting Products

WiZ, a smart lighting company which is owned by Signify, the same company that owns other smart lighting maker Philips Hue, has announced new lighting products.
Tech Enabling New Apartment Experiences  

Tech Enabling New Apartment Experiences  

Technology is ubiquitous and impacts all environments, especially buildings. One unique market for smart spaces solutions is that of smart apartments and MDUs.

Wemo Announces New Version of its Smart Dimmer

This week Wemo announced a new updated version of its Smart Dimmer with Thread, which is an in-wall dimmer switch.
How to Encourage Consumers to Buy Through Education

How to Encourage Consumers to Buy By Educating Them

Tech companies must focus on educating consumers on how autonomous kitchens ease their cooking woes by producing cooking experiences catered to personal needs.