Welcome to our Start Up Stage program spotlighting the up-and-comers in the tech space.


Buzr, a recent start-up with a smart home solution to apartment intercom systems, allows users to buzz in deliveries or guests from any Internet-connected smartphone or other device anywhere in the world. 

The brainchild of a team of Cornell students, Buzr was one of four companies tapped with a Cornell Tech Startup Award in May 2020.

The award provided $100,000 in pre-seed funding to each company. Buzr Pro’s app allows users to talk and listen to visitors through their phones, while also featuring doorbell notifications, virtual keys, service provider integrations, a built-in thermometer, audio log history, and multi-user support. 


OWO is a Spanish startup that is looking to take immersive gaming to the next level by giving users sensations in real life that mimic what is happening to their virtual avatar. OWO delivers these sensations via a haptic feedback vest, which utilizes an algorithm to modify nine different parameters of the pulse train to deliver over 30 different sensations. The vest provides sensations from a range of scenarios such as being in an idling car, driving fast, lifting weights, and even getting shot or stabbed. Gamers can tailor the strength of the sensations provided by the vest in the accompanying mobile app.

The startup’s first product, the OWO vest, is currently available for pre-order. Semi-native integration of the product is possible with popular games such as Fornite and Rocket League. Native integration of the vest is featured with games such as CrisisVRigade 2 and Fear The Dark Unknown. 


With e-bikes and other small electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, Christiaan van Nispen and Olivier Coops created and patented a contactless charger system for e-bikes. No wires, or having to carry a battery, the Tiler features wireless induction charging and green mobility with its sustainable charging tile.

The idea came to co-founder Nispen while he was living in California working on charging poles for electric vehicles. He saw the large amount of abandoned share e-bikes and the lack of charging available. He took this back to the Netherlands and in 2020 Coops joined as co-founder. They brought on a great team to round out the company and went to market in the Netherlands. The Tiler is spreading across Europe and hopeful soon, the US.  


Soapy, an Israeli start-up creating hygiene solutions, was founded by Max Simonovsky to provide a safe and contactless personal handwashing experience. The touchless hand washing station automatically dispenses soap and water so that the user doesn’t have to worry about spreading surface-based germs. SOAPY, which is powered by AI, also features a semi-biometric recognition process that tracks personal performance and user body temperature to deliver an optimized hand washing experience. 

The device also cuts down on water consumption by utilizing the equivalent of only one glass of water per hand wash compared to the typical 12 glasses used, according to Soapy. The use cases for this machine are endless, particularly in the age of hygiene consciousness. These products can be installed in a house, retail outlet, restaurant, school, shopping center, or office building to cut down on the unnecessary transmission of germs. Retailers looking to get in touch can reach out to sales@soapy.care.