Welcome to our Start Up Stage program spotlighting the up-and-comers in the tech space.


Buzr, a recent start-up with a smart home solution to apartment intercom systems, allows users to buzz in deliveries or guests from any Internet-connected smartphone or other device anywhere in the world. 

The brainchild of a team of Cornell students, Buzr was one of four companies tapped with a Cornell Tech Startup Award in May 2020.

The award provided $100,000 in pre-seed funding to each company. Buzr Pro’s app allows users to talk and listen to visitors through their phones, while also featuring doorbell notifications, virtual keys, service provider integrations, a built-in thermometer, audio log history, and multi-user support. 


With e-bikes and other small electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, Christiaan van Nispen and Olivier Coops created and patented a contactless charger system for e-bikes. No wires, or having to carry a battery, the Tiler features wireless induction charging and green mobility with its sustainable charging tile.

The idea came to co-founder Nispen while he was living in California working on charging poles for electric vehicles. He saw the large amount of abandoned share e-bikes and the lack of charging available. He took this back to the Netherlands and in 2020 Coops joined as co-founder. They brought on a great team to round out the company and went to market in the Netherlands. The Tiler is spreading across Europe and hopeful soon, the US.