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MOBI Intros Health Thermometers for Retailers, Businesses

MOBI Technologies Inc. Supports Businesses with High Quality Health Thermometers.

For retailers, businesses non-contact thermometers are a critical part of ensuring the sustained health of employees, clients, and buyers in the workplace. As the U.S. continues to re-open, testing individuals in your place of business will become a smart and expected health practice. If your company is using faulty thermometers, however, you put yourself and your business at risk.

To combat COVID-19, sweeping exception programs have been put in place around the import and export of health technology in order to make it easier for countries to share resources and distribute medical supplies to citizens. For PPE equipment, these lighter regulations have allowed businesses and governments to quickly receive much needed safety supplies. For complex products such as contactless thermometers, however, the relaxing of rigorous oversight has resulted in a surge of poorly made, defective products being actively used by unknowing U.S. businesses and consumers. The proliferation of these faulty products poses a serious health and financial risk for businesses. From employees not detecting illness early enough to receive proper medical care to businesses being forcible re-shut due to outbreak, the consequences of using faulty equipment may create more loss of life or permanent financial destruction.

“Lookalike thermometers are dangerous because they’re designed to confuse consumers and aren’t made to the highest standards. With the FDA temporarily looking the other way while these devices are being brought into the nation, consumers must stick with a proven brand they can trust to ensure quality…there’s too much at stake to trust an unchecked device,” explained David Naghi, MOBI Technologies, Inc. CEO.

The safest way to avoid using non-compliant thermometers is to buy from established U.S. based brands & retailers that have strict safety certifications and transparent product tracing. MOBI Technologies, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is one such example. MOBI has spent years developing contactless thermometer technology that is compliant with FDA, CE, SGS & ISO. Additionally, every MOBI thermometer features a unique trace code that allows officials, businesses, and individual consumers to review the entire manufacturing lifecycle of the product to understand exactly where the thermometer was assembled, what quality control inspections were completed during and after production, and which government agencies provided certification before the MOBI thermometer was accepted as safe to sell. The below list illustrates many of the certifications & compliance that MOBI thermometer follow.

  1. FDA pre-market compliance
  2. FDA registered manufacturing facility
  3. Compliant with FDA GUDID requirement under Class II guidelines
  4. FDA labeling compliance
  5. ISO labeling compliance
  6. Health Canada Certification – Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL)
  7. CFDA China FDA certification to ensure international quality standards
  8. U.S. extended warranty / After sale support

Regardless of whether or not you choose MOBI as your contactless thermometer provider, the above list is a good reference to the safety expectations every business should have when purchasing a thermometer for their workplace. As the U.S. continues to re-open it is essential for companies to air on the side of caution and invest in established health brands to ensure the safest environment for their employees in immediate and long-term future.