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Samsung Releases AirDresser Clothing Care System

Samsung’s AirDresser clothing maintenance system has become available in the U.S.

The armoire-like enclosure uses a combination of steam and air flow to relax light wrinkles, remove dust and odors, and refresh clothes and outerwear as well as bedding and kids’ soft toys &ndndash; and offers users a way to cut back on trips out of the home to the dry cleaner during these stay-at-home times. Control of the AirDresser is via the SmartThings app, which can send the user alerts when their garments are ready.

Some features include:

Sanitize Cycle: High-temperature steam penetrates the garments, helping to keep them sanitary. This cycle can also be used for outerwear, bedding, and soft toys.

Air Hangers & Wrinkle Care: The AirDresser, which holds up to six garments, comes with three Air Hangers that release air and steam into clothes to refresh them, help remove odors, and relax light wrinkles. Steam is also released from the base of the AirDresser to provide similar care to the outside of clothing. For additional pant care, it comes with a Weight Kit to help smooth out wrinkles and renew pant pleats.

Deodorizing Filter: This filter eliminates 99% of odors that often linger in fabrics, such as smoke, perspiration, and food.

Fresh Finish: A way to enhance clothing with a favorite scent. The users inserts a dryer sheet into the Fresh Finish compartment for a laundry-fresh scent.

Easy Installation: The unit only needs to be plugged in and the reservoir filled to be ready to go.

AirDresser offers nine cycles tailored for specific garments, including leather, down jackets, and winter coats. WiFi-connectivity means it can be remotely started, be paused, receive notifications, and get cycle recommendations via the SmartThings app on a phone.

The Fresh Finish feature lets the user add scent to the process