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The ZENS Liberty Wireless Charger Has See-Through Option

Available now from wireless charging accessory maker ZENS is the Liberty 16-coil wireless charger – either with a surface of woolen upholstery textile Atlas by Kvadrat ($139.99) or with a unique, tempered-glass surface revealing the company’s technology ($179.99). The 16 overlapping charging coils, as opposed to chargers with a single induction coil per charging area, maximize the active charging area and provide freedom of placement or devices on the charging surface, says the company.

The Liberty can wirelessly charge two devices simultaneously, says the company. With a total output of 30W (2x15W) and Apple and Samsung Fast Charge, the Liberty will automatically regulate single-device power delivery and charge each device at the optimized and fastest charging speed. Any device that supports Qi wireless charging can be recharged anywhere on the charging pad. The charger is made of high-grade aluminum and has a three-year extended warranty.

Its built-in USB port allows charging of an additional device. With the MFi-certified Apple Watch USB-stick as an add-on, three devices can be handled simultaneously: an iPhone, the AirPods and an Apple Watch. The ZENS Liberty has a USB-C connection and comes with a 60W USB-C certified power adapter. Separate power plugs for the U.S., E.U. and U.K. are included to make the adapter suitable for global usage.