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NuEyes Launches Program to Boost Healthcare Tech

NuEyes, an augmented reality (AR) smart glass solutions company, has announced a new pilot study in collaboration with the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB).

NuEyes,  an augmented reality (AR) smart glass solutions company that empower those who suffer from severe vision loss, has announced a new pilot study in collaboration with the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB) and Massachusetts eHealth Institute (MeHI). The pilot is being conducted as part of the 2020 MassChallenge HealthTech program, an effort to boost startups at the intersection of healthcare and technology, supported by the Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative.

This comprehensive pilot study will last 16 weeks and encompass 30 participants from across Massachusetts. During the study, a multitude of visually impaired focus groups will test five NuEyes head-worn devices that are slated for various commercial releases later this year and into the first part of 2021. The groups will be focused on daily tasks, mobility issues, connectivity issues, as well as how well the current and future products affect their visual acuity. Current form factors, resolution of cameras, and the displays of these low-vision, head-worn magnifiers will also be evaluated to ensure that all future products will meet the necessary requirements to enable the visually impaired in new ways.

“At NuEyes, we are extremely passionate about empowering those with severe vision loss in new and exciting ways. Comprehensive pilot studies like this are embedded into our DNA. From the first pilot study launched in 2013 to now we strive to bring the best augmented reality smart glass technology to market. Collaborating with two esteemed organizations like the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind and Massachusetts eHealth Institute is an absolute honor for us, and we feel that the result of these studies will further advance smart glass technology for the visually impaired,” said Mark Greget Founder and CEO of NuEyes.

“Every day, we learn that Assistive Technology is a lifeline for some of the individuals we serve who are blind and visually impaired. We are committed to ensuring that this lifeline continues and improves by working with organizations and companies that are on the cutting edge of assistive technology in the Commonwealth. Our unique pilot program with NuEyes will allow a sample of our consumers to test new AT devices and provide direct feedback to the company as we work together to grow the best assistive technology for consumers to be successful at work and home,” said MCB Commissioner David D’Arcangelo.

“Our parent agency, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, was founded upon a commitment to catalyze public, private, and academic collaboration to solve shared challenges,” said Laurance Stuntz, Director of MeHI. “This project is a prime example of how our state’s Digital Health Initiative is driving innovation through our state’s Digital Health Initiative, by bringing together the MCB, a Massachusetts state agency, and NuEyes, an innovative California company to advance their cutting-edge products, while at the same time getting these assistive devices into the hands of Massachusetts residents. By supporting programs like MassChallenge Health Tech, we’re also introducing innovative startups to the world-class healthcare and technology thought leaders that call Massachusetts home.”

About NuEyes Technologies

NuEyes is a veteran-owned technology company based in Orange County, California, that was launched in January 2016 to empower those with eye conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa. Over the past four years, the company has seen extensive sales growth and has won awards at CES and obtained Federal, State and Insurance reimbursement for its smart glass devices. NuEyes is excited to bring such advanced smart glass products to market that will leapfrog the technology currently available for someone dealing with legal blindness. With the leadership of NuEyes having over 16 years of combined experience in this space, we understand what it takes to successfully bring a new product to market.