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Huawei at IFA: Committed to Customers, Connected Living

The Huawei P40 Pro series is powered by a 5G AI chipset and produces high quality video and high res stills.

Walter Ji, President of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group (CBG), Europe, painted a picture of commitment to the IFA 2020 Special Edition audience – a commitment to continue to produce high quality products, a commitment to a connected future, a commitment to its AI strategy as well as a commitment to Europe beyond 2020.

In his keynote, Walter Ji focused on how Huawei is driving innovation forward so that more consumers can benefit from its seamless, AI strategy, continued innovation in the smart phone category and how the company will continue to serve its European consumers who choose and trust Huawei technology.

In the days leading up to IFA, Ji had expressed excitement over the opportunity IFA 2020 Special Edition presented Huawei and of what the future holds for the company.

“We’re looking forward to the IFA 2020 Special Edition as we believe that events like this are vital as we continue to define the new role technology plays in our lives against an extraordinary backdrop. At Huawei, we’re excited to share our vision and commitment for Europe beyond 2020, and what this means for our millions of European customers,” he stated.

Ji also spoke about Huawei’s 1+8+N strategy. Within this strategy, the “1” refers to the smartphones, while “8” includes PC, tablet, TV, audio, glasses, watches, locomotives, and headphones. The “N” refers to mobile offices, smart homes, sports and health, audio-visual entertainment, and smart travel products.

Huawei had first announced its “1+8+N” strategy for the IoT products space, but Ji explained the strategy now includes far more focus towards television, smartwatches, and glasses products.

He also highlighted the innovation found in Huawei’s smart phone lines and particularly called out the picture taking capabilities in the company’s latest smart phones as, “The best in the world.” The Huawei P40 Pro series is powered by a 5G AI chipset and produces high quality videos and high res stills. Huawei highlighted their use of the Leica Ultra Vision camera system in their smart phones that offers up to 100X zoom capability.

Ji also spoke of a future where all products in the home are seamlessly connected. Towards that end, Ji spoke about the continued growth of Huawei’s AppGallery. The AppGallery is a package manager and application distribution platform developed by Huawei for the Android operating system. AppGallery offers over 45,000 apps and is used by 420 million active users on 700 million Huawei devices, and comes pre-installed with all new Huawei mobile devices.