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IFA 2020 Special Edition: Sustainability Marks BSH, Bosch Appliances

Matthias Ginthum, on stage
Matthias Ginthum, on stage

“Improved quality of life for people at home – that’s our mission to deliver,” said Matthias Ginthum, CMO at BSH Home Appliances Corp. – and the company said at the Berlin-held IFA Special Edition this week that it is succeeding that regard, by fielding a roster of kitchen and laundry appliances that were designed with sustainability at their core.

“Life at home is becoming smarter – a game-changer in our industry… Life in the kitchen is becoming more important” during the pandemic, he stated. “It is the kitchen where our success story began, and it’s there that we’re writing the next chapter,” he said.

And that chapter is filled with new product innovations and fueled by exceptionally strong market demand for refrigerators, freezers and small home appliances that has risen right along with the COVID-19 challenges in the first half of 2020.

Consumers, Ginthum said, are finding that “home appliances are more important than ever for maintaining infrastructure at home.”

To satisfy the swelling demand for the right appliances for this time, the company is making available several noteworthy lines with cut-above convenience features and some, offering the HomeConnect multi-brand digital platform, an ecosystem initiated in 2014 and on a strong growth trajectory.

The Serie 6 washer-dryer


Here’s a look at some of the company’s most recent innovations:

  • BSH’s SystemMaster microprocessor, which in effect, turns BSH-branded appliances into digital service platforms, enabling offsite troubleshooting and diagnosis by maintenance services.
  • A new generation of PerfectDry dishwashers, enjoying a world premiere at this show – all outfitted with SystemMaster and able to adapt to consumers’ usage routines and receive over-the-air system updates. These machines are also outfitted with a third load deck for small utensils which enlargers the load compartment by up to 25 percent.
  • The new Bosch Serie6 washer-dryer, which will wash and they dry a load of laundry without interruption, using steam assistance technology so that clothes are wearable right out of the machine.
  • XXL freezer-refrigerator combinations that give owners much more space, with built-in VitaFresh technology keeping temperatures in certain zones constant at zero degrees Celsius to keep fresh foods like fish and salad viable longer.
  • Bosch laundry technology called Hygiene Care that is said to guarantee the hygienic cleanliness of most types of fabric.
  • Smart small appliances such as the Bosch Cookit multifunctional combination food processor/cooker.
  • Bosch Unlimited Serie 8 cordless vacuums that meld the flexibility of wire-free vacuuming with the power of traditional vacuums without compromise – and wil a longer battery run time.

The Unlimited Serie 8 cordless vacuum


To top off this innovation, says Ginthum, the company promises that BSH products will achieve carbon-neutral production by the end of the year – right in line with the company philosophy of sustainability.