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Register Now for IFA 2020 Special Edition Onsite Experience

Visitors will also enjoy a range of real-life presentations and product launches at IFA 2020 Special Edition. Image Pexels

Visitors, who join the show onsite, have the opportunity to experience the first global industry gathering since the corona pandemic. Most importantly, IFA 2020 Special Edition enables face-to-face meetings for building new business contacts. 

Visitors will also enjoy a range of real-life presentations and product launches. For example, Fitbit will showcase its recently launched new products for the first time. Likewise, the rising Chinese player in the smartphone market realme will present IFA a premiere. The Berlin-based start-up Heatle showcases a new, energy-efficient device to heat liquids while the French computer manufacturer Bleu Jour unveils a new generation of computers. What is more, as part of SHIFT Mobility meets IFA NEXT, e-kick scooters, e-scooters, e-bikes and cargo-pedelecs can be tested by visitors on a specially designed drive.

Over the course of the three days, the press conferences, Innovation Engine stage and SHIFT Mobility Convention boast with additional insights and news.

Media representatives may pose their question directly after the press conferences in Q&A sessions. Journalists joining virtually via the Xtended Space may get in touch with speakers and exhibitors via the platform.

IFA Global Press Conference opens every day at 8.00 a.m. for media representatives.

Register now!

To participate in the IFA 2020 Special Edition, registration in advance is necessary. Registered participants will also receive access to the IFA 2020 Xtended Space, the digital extension of the IFA 2020 Special Edition.

Please note: Due to the current situation this year we can neither offer on-site accreditation for media representatives nor registration for trade visitors. Therefore online pre-registration is mandatory. In order to enable as many visitors as possible to participate on site, a query will be made in the course of this pre-registration regarding the intended day of the visit.

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About IFA 2020 Special Edition

The IFA 2020 Special Edition – consisting of physical live events focusing on its B2B core functions of IFA – offers a meeting place for industry and trade in the IFA Business, Retail & Meeting Lounges and cross-industry innovations at SHIFT Mobility meets IFA NEXT. While these event elements are aimed at trade visitors, media representatives can exclusively experience the latest products and services, press briefings and IFA keynotes live at the IFA Global Press Conference.

Health and safety is a top priority at IFA 2020 Special Edition, which will take place from 3 to 5 September 2020 as a three-day event with a limited number of participants in accordance with current regulations.

Digital IFA Experience

With a virtual extension – the “IFA Xtended Space” – the physical event is complemented by live and on demand streaming of presentations, match-making tools and digital product demonstrations. The Xtended Space thereby is accessible for both on-site guests and all other interested participants around the globe.