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Satisfyer Intros Sexual Wellness Devices

Satisfyer, a sexual wellness company dedicated to helping women, men and couples unlock their full sexual potential, used their IFA 2020 Special Edition press event to announce the release of the Satisfyer Connect app.

Under the banner Love is a Spectrum Full of Possibility, the company released this free app, available in the Apple App and Google Play Stores, that blends intimacy with technology to create a customizable, multi-sensorial experience that integrates touch, sound and haptic feedback with compatible Satisfyer devices. Satisfyer Connect launched with several innovative features and will surprise users continually with monthly updates so users can continue to boost their sexual creativity.

Designed for joyful sensual experiences, either by yourself or with a partner, Satisfyer Connect creates an experience where distance has no bounds, working seamlessly and safely with your partner if you’re in the same room, a different state or even in a different country.

Satisfyer Connect can work with up to twelve compatible devices – and up to four simultaneously. Additionally, it will be continually updated with new features to constantly provide new ways for users to explore their sexuality.

Compatible with all Android and iOS devices, Satisfyer Connect seamlessly pairs with all Satisfyer Bluetooth devices to playfully invite intimate explorations in more than 30 languages. And, in previews, Satisfyer Connect was awarded the 2020 CES TWICE PICKS as one of the best mobile apps.

Compatible sexual wellness devices from Satisfyer, available at launch include the Curvy 2+ and the Double Joy with many more app integrated products to be added:

Curvy 2+ ($39.95):

Combines gentle vibrations and advanced air-pressure wave technology to provide heightened arousal. The strong yet quiet motor, with 11 intensity levels, helps to activate the sensitive 8,000 nerve endings of the clitoral glans, allowing for easy and endless clitoral stimulation.

Available in pale pink and black.

Double Joy ($39.95):

Partner vibrator made to enhance lovemaking for couples and singles alike. Equipped with two motors and a flexible shaft, the U-shaped design and wide lay-on head provides simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris, and still allows enough room for penetration. Available in black, purple and white.