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Schneider Electric Takes a Sustainable Approach to the Smart Home

In 2020, our homes have become offices and classrooms and now require more technology than ever. As we continue to adapt to life amid COVID-19, Schneider Electric is taking steps to ensure that our homes are both smarter and more sustainable.

Presenting at IFA 2020 Special Edition from his home in Hong Kong, Manish Pant, CEO and Executive VP of Home and Distribution, dove deep into the specifics of Schneider Electric and the Wiser brand. Like many of us across the globe, Pant admitted that his electricity bills have seen a spike during the pandemic as he and his family spend more time at home. One thing that many of us learned during our stay-at-home orders is that our homes need to evolve, and the time for sustainability is now.

Pant outlined four challenges as we work toward a “home of the future.”

  1. Sustainability – Reducing the impact on the climate
  2. Resilience – Creating safer homes and environments to protect from electrical faults
  3. Efficiency – Finding solutions in the way we consume electricity
  4. Personalization – Putting consumers in control of their homes

“The interplay between electric and digital is our solution, and this solution is Wiser,” says Pant.

Wiser adds an extra layer of active safety to bring homeowners peace of mind and make a home more resilient. In countries like France that have electricity consumption limits, Wiser makes it easy to know when the limit is approaching so homeowners can adjust their behavior accordingly. Wiser can also adapt to changing needs of the consumer when they are at home, working, sleeping, and even when they’re away. Heating and cooling lighting, shutters and blinds can be scheduled to a user’s liking to decrease consumption when it is not needed. All in all, Wiser can help save homeowners up to 50% on energy costs without compromising on comfort.

In the near future, Pant says, Wiser will be able to give you a detailed report on your carbon footprint in terms of electric consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

“Each of us can be a very strong contributor in our goal and journey of achieving a net zero target,” Pant says “We have a capacity to make the world a much more sustainable place and it starts right here in our homes.”