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Siemens Intros Latest Generation of inductionAir Plus Range

The triple overflow protection on the inductionAir Plus Range prevents liquids from entering the interior of the system if something tips over.

Whether it’s a compact kitchenette in a modern city apartment, a generous one-family house, or a loft with high ceilings, the right hob with integrated extraction system is available for the first time for a wide range of architectural settings. That’s because Siemens, the specialist for built-in appliances, has rounded off its inductionAir Plus range this year: The latest generation of 2-in-1 hobs is now available in widths of 60, 70 or 80 centimeters. It can be installed in standard furniture and extra-wide base cabinets, equipped with and without connectivity and sensor technology depending on the value class, and works in exhaust or recirculation configurations.

Cooking is being rediscovered in the new normal. In a current survey by the Zukunftsinstitut think tank, more than two thirds (69%) of city dwellers say that doing their own cooking has become more important. At the same time, 78% would like home appliances that don’t need much space. In view of this, Siemens has hit the bullseye with its expansion of the inductionAir Plus range, because, for the first time, the recipient of multiple international design awards is no longer restricted to those with plenty of space. The elegant combination of induction hob, powerful extractor and minimalist design is now available from a width of just 60 centimeters.

Even in small kitchens, the solution makes it easy to achieve the wish for an unobstructed view over the hob and an overall impression of tidiness and generous space. That’s because inductionAir Plus also plays here to all the strengths of its reduced design: The ventilation opening is directly embedded in the black glass ceramic and uninterrupted by frame or bezel. That also impresses in practice: On the one hand, it increases the usable area, on the other, there’s literally nothing standing in the way of moving pots, pans or roasters back and forth on the hob. That’s especially a plus with the 70 and 80 cm models equipped with Siemens flexInduction or combiInduction: Several cooking zones can be combined into one large area with both models – whether for heating XXL cookware over its full area or flexibly arranging several smaller pans.

In addition, the flat surface of inductionAir Plus is quick and easy to clean. Triple overflow protection also prevents liquids from entering the interior of the system if something tips over. The liquid is caught in a designated container that can be emptied later in a single action. For thorough cleaning, the entire unit, in which the grease filters are also integrated, fits into the top basket of the dishwasher. Tidying up the kitchen is a breeze and the joy of cooking stays intact!