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TP-LINK’s Mesh System X60 WLAN

The TP-LINK Deco X60.

For TP-Link the 2020 IFA was all about WLAN and their new Deco X60 is the company’s first mesh system with Wi-Fi 6, which can supply an area of ​​up to 650 square meters with WLAN. The Deco X60 provides delay-free data transmission (575 Mbit / s on 2.4 GHz and 2400 Mbit / s on 5 GHz) for more than 100 devices and assigns the bandwidth used as required instead of a number.

In this way, unnecessarily blocked resources are released and distributed to active users. Thanks to its targeted increase in efficiency, it increases the capacity for parallel applications.

This means that bandwidth-intensive experiences such as TV streaming, gaming or smart home communication are possible at the same time.