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Tuya Smart at IFA: Connectivity Ecosystem for Entire IoT Industry

AI+IoT leader Tuya Smart used their IFA 2020 press conference to showcase its latest cameras, smart locks, video doorbells, smart speakers, battery-powered network security cameras, and smart lighting pro apps.

Tuya Smart Head of Business Development, Sven Buschmann outlined how all the new products feature the latest solutions in the smart home industry and have a particular focus on security and convenience to meet the current high demand for these types of products in Europe.

Buschmann opened the event by stating, “Tuya believes that to achieve a true interconnectivity between all things it is not enough to empower a single product or product category.  Instead, we need to provide an ecosystem base to empower the entire IoT industry, in terms of products, for multiple use cases.”

Buschmann added that Tuya remains dedicated to bringing smart products to life for manufactures, brands, OEMs, and retail chains. “Smart home solutions are a collaborative effort requiring global manufactures, service providers, and brands to work closely together to achieve the best levels of service and connectivity,” he said.

Among the new alliances and partnerships Tuya announced were:

Technology Alliances:

The Wi-Fi Alliance– Tuya has launched over 100 Wi-Fi modules since the beginning of this partnership.

Bluetooth – Tuya participates in the Smart Home workgroup and has joined the standard establishment group. Tuya has launched over 20 Bluetooth modules since the beginning pf the partnership.

Promoter – Tuya became a member of the Board of Directors to establish the CHIP standard.




Among their Ecosystem Partners are:

Amazon, Hey Google, Microsoft and SmartThings.

Among the new products were:

Smart Locks/Video Doorbells – that can be connected to a wide variety of smart speakers, where your voice becomes your smartkey, as the company explained.  Tuya also announced Smart Locks with built-in HD cameras – that send notifications to the users’ phone to alert when someone is at the door.

The company also announced the Y3-Tuya, a 4G, battery-powered network security camera. The camera features 1080p video image quality, compression coding technique, and has an IP66 level waterproof and dust-proof outer shell.