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Azione Digital Fall Conference Runs Oct. 13-15

Azione Absolute

Azione Unlimited, The Smart Home Association, has announced the Azione Absolute Fall Conference. Replacing the association’s typical in-person conference, this three-day digital event running Oct. 13-15 offers members 28 sessions including presentations, workshops, interactive small group meetings, and a roster of speakers.

“Azione Unlimited was built on pillars such as sharing ideas, learning from one another, building lasting relationships, and having fun,” said Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited. “The current situation doesn’t permit us to be together physically, but we can, with a curated agenda, execute on all the things we would do in person. We are excited to promote two-way dialogue and offer some cornerstone conference elements like holding roundtable discussions, listening to smart speakers, enjoying presentations on salient business topics, and sharing a beverage at the end of the day.”

The Azione Absolute Fall Conference is free to all dealer and vendor members as well as their staff. Sessions are run on a software solution and provide ‘zoom-style’ meetings to augment face-to-face interactions with voice and video. Each session will be recorded and made available to all Azione Unlimited dealer and vendor members after the conference.

While this year’s conference will take place on a virtual platform, the Conference’s key differentiator, the group says, is a focused schedule that fosters two-way dialogue between members.

“The power of an Azione Unlimited conference has always been in the candid and honest exchange of ideas between members,” said Glikes. “I hate using the word virtual, and I especially don’t want our members thinking they are attending another onslaught of webinars. This conference is built on the philosophy of sharing ideas with members, and we are thrilled to facilitate that in a meaningful way.”

The Azione Absolute Fall Conference schedule is designed with five unique categories: keynotes, one-on-one speed networking, small group meetings, workshops, and presentations.

Keynotes include talking points from CEDIA Senior VP of Education and Training Samantha Ventura, TheCoTeam Founder Chris Smith, and Interior Designer Business Coach Nancy Ganzekaufer. One-on-one speed networking will allow dealer and vendor members to match for five-minute sessions to catch up, share information, and realign business goals.

A majority of the events will run at the same time as education blocks. These education blocks are split across six total sessions and run as four meetings simultaneously. For a dealer, that means they would pick one of the four sessions to participate. The four meetings offered are two small group meetings, one workshop, and one presentation. Each of these meetings has a moderator or presenter and drives two-way dialogue.

Small group meetings assemble 16 dealers for genuine roundtable-style discussions on a variety of different topics, such as “How-to Structure Your Sales Commission” and “Be Your Electrician’s BFF.” In these sessions, dealers are encouraged to bring ideas, and share successes, failures, and questions for discussion. Presentations are by domain experts sharing their unique perspectives on topics such as “How to Create a Business Process from Scratch” and “Engage Your Team for More Profit and Less Drama.” Workshops will be a hybrid of small group meetings and presentations by offering a short presentation followed by an interactive discussion.

The conference will also feature opening remarks from Glikes, and there will be two virtual cocktail parties.

“In a time of social distancing, Azione Unlimited has created many vehicles to keep dealer communication strong, and our conference takes that mindset to the next level,” said Patrick McCarthy, director of New Business Development and Member Services. “Many of our members are experiencing some level of digital fatigue. Azione Unlimited has always prided itself on creating exceptional opportunities for our members, so we knew we had to do something different. I think our team has nailed the perfect balance of robust education and two-way interaction, and we are excited to capture some of the lightning in a bottle that our in-person conference offers.”