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Roborock Adds S4 Max to S4 Line of Robotic Vacuums

Roborock S4 Max

Roborock expanded its S4 line of robotic vacuums today with the introduction of the S4 Max. The latest model is available exclusively on Amazon and on Roborock’s website for $430. It solves multiple consumer pain points, adding better climbing capability than earlier models, a larger dustbin, and two-level home mapping.

The S4 Max boasts high suction power (2000Pa) to effectively clean hard floors and carpets alike. The newly added Automatic Carpet Boost feature automatically increases the suction power to maximum when carpet is detected, allowing the vacuum to extract dirt and debris from low-pile carpets. The model also features an improved threshold climbing capability to better allow transitioning from hard floors to carpet with ease

The S4 Max’s washable filter captures 95% of particles including pet dander and mold, and the dustbin on the vacuum is even larger (460 ml, that is) to hold even more.

Advanced Navigation & App Features  

Users can easily customize their cleaning routine by time and room all from the app, without hardware add-ons. The model’s Automatic Room Recognition allows S4 Max to automatically identify each room in the house, allowing users to define the exact sequence they want rooms cleaned, and even what level of suction to use in each room. An example of customization available with these features: Users can schedule a daily cleaning of their kitchen after breakfast every morning at full power!

The Roborock S4 Max features high-precision LiDAR navigation, which creates an accurate and constantly updated home map with multi-level mapping, APP-controlled Invisible Walls and No-Go Zones, and automatic room recognition.