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Sonance, James Loudspeaker Intros at CEDIA Expo Virtual

Sonance took the occasion of CEDIA Expo Virtual to showcase its new Invisible Series of speakers and subwoofers, which was two years in the development, according to Mike Cleary, director of marketing. Also spotlighted was the James Loudspeaker All-Terrain Outdoor towers.

The Sonance Invisible Series replaces the company’s eight-year-old existing line boasting engineering, performance and installation advancements. The speakers, characterized by VP of Sales Jeff Brewer as “game-changing,” are equipped with Sonance Motion Flex Technology — a combination of all-new transducer, crossover, and motion tech. The wide bandwidth Wave Flex Drive Unit behaves as a high-bandwidth midrange and high-frequency transducer, all-in-one, says the company, delivering smooth mids and clear highs.

The carbon fiber Air Flex Woofer couples to a chamber of air behind the speaker diaphragm, resulting in a piston-like movement for powerful bass. Elevating the experience is an acoustically isolating baffle that prevents the bending motion of the Wave Flex Drive Unit from interfering with the piston-like motion of the Air Flex Woofer. And with an ultra-low crossover, dubbed Constant Directivity Crossover, or CDX, new Sonance Invisibles have nearly 180-degree horizontal and vertical dispersion, and smooth off-axis frequency response for consistent tonality from every listening position, says the company.

In addition to redefining invisible speaker performance, Sonance has established a repeatable, reliable installation process. Using the Sonance Depth Identification Sensing Calibrator System (DISC System) installers can achieve a consistent surface finish thickness across every speaker, on every project, Sonance says. The Sonance DISC System uses four steel discs embedded behind the speaker diaphragm. These act as indexes for precisely measuring the amount of finishing material applied over the speaker’s surface. The discs respond to a handheld Sonance depth gauge that will read the surface depth applied on top of the four disc locations, ensuring a consistent finish and speaker performance across every installation. Six models will be deployed into the market between December and early 2021, the company says.

A James Loudspeaker All-Terrain tower speaker


In the James Loudspeaker lineup are two new All-Terrain outdoor freestanding tower speakers. They are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and powder-coated; their construction of extruded marine-grade aluminum and 316L stainless steel hardware with fluoropolymer coating ensure a rigid, long-lasting enclosure that minimizes unwanted resonance. These speakers are tested and proven to perform at high volumes over extended periods of time. Their elliptical footprint can be mounted in ground, on hardscape, or placed with rubber feet for flexibility for any terrain.

The speakers are available in two model sizes, the AT85QTi-BA bi-amped model, with dual 8” subwoofers, dual 6.5” woofers, and a quad tweeter array, and the smaller AT63QTi, a slightly scaled version of its bigger sibling with a titanium quad array tweeter and dual aluminum 6.5” woofers. Any AT Outdoor Tower speaker can be incorporated as part of any AT Series speaker and ST subwoofer system in the James Loudspeaker All Terrain family, making system design flexible.

AT Outdoor Tower speakers are available in 10 standard finishes, including two-tone, or they can be ordered in any custom finish, as with any James Loudspeaker solution, and they can be ordered for 70V or 4 Ohm configurations.