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Visiting Podium’s Virtual Booth, at Nationwide Virtual’s Expo

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Dealers who browsed the virtual aisles on the Nationwide PrimeTime show floor had access to product information about both currently available lines and deals and also new offerings.

To give a sense of what could be gleaned using Nationwide’s virtual portal, among the companies we visited there was Podium, an online messaging platform with an arsenal of tools available to Nationwide dealers – all based in contactless texting.

The ecosystem allows sending of pictures and videos, arranging for service appointments, and scheduling item pickup – all via contactless and via text.

The platform simplifies and streamlines give and take between the retailer and the online customer. Google and Facebook leads all go into the same In box, the back-and-forth messaging is done via whichever channels the customer prefers to use, and website leads are funneled into text conversations. Payment methods are easily selectable by the customer, and the he or she is able to receive immediate feedback ad responses to complaints or other logistical issues.

The Podium virtual booth

A Nationwide spokesperson told Dealerscope that  since the partnership was forged a month and a half ago, Podium – which sports the tagline “Make Podium Your ‘Unfair Advantage,’” has caught on exponentially in terms of the number of dealers who have been attracted to sign onto the platform.  

The Podium booth also featured dealer testimonials from retailers who’ve signed on. Among their comments: they lauded the solid, simple services available through Podium to improve their online presence;  they noted how Podium had helped them to evolve in customer service and communication skills and in overall relationship management; and one dealer said 45 of his salespeople were now users of the platform, finding its easy-to-use text platform a communications advantage over traditional chat platforms.