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IFA 2020 Special Edition Receives “Thumbs Up” From Attendees/Participants

IFA 2020 Special Edition
gfu, Messe Berlin & GfK Opening Peter Feld, CEO GfK

Organizers of the 2020 IFA Special Edition in Berlin have received extremely positive feedback from live participants concerning safety measures put in place during this year’s event; and in regard to the ´readiness` for the 2021 event.

A representative survey following the IFA 2020 Special Edition showed that 95% of those questioned felt safe during the live event. The survey found that overall, respondents expressed a high sense of security in the context of the event. In particular, the stay at the showgrounds, but also the arrival and departure were experienced as safe.

The survey also discovered that some 93% of respondents expressed a willingness to participate in IFA 2021 in Berlin. The survey found the willingness to participate was particularly high among the press representatives (96%), but also among exhibitors and visitors. Around 9 out of 10 respondents in each group expressed their interest in participating.

Digital IFA Experience

The virtual extension “IFA Xtended Space” is accessible all year round at https://xtended.ifa-berlin.com/

The IFA 2020 Special Edition was complemented by live and on demand streaming of presentations, match-making tools and digital product demonstrations. Check it out if you missed it!

 About IFA 2020 Special Edition

The IFA 2020 Special Edition consisted of physical live events focusing on its B2B core functions of IFA – a meeting place for industry and trade in the IFA Business, Retail & Meeting Lounges and cross-industry innovations at SHIFT Mobility meets IFA NEXT. While these event elements were aimed at trade visitors, media representatives could exclusively experience the latest products and services, press briefings and IFA keynotes live at the IFA Global Press Conference.