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Kwikset’s SC1 Keyway Smartkey Security

Kwikset SC1 Keyway Smartkey

Kwikset, a residential lock manufacturer, has introduced the SC1 Keyway, featuring Kwikset’s exclusive SmartKey Security technology. The new SC1 Keyway, compatible with most Kwikset locks, brings significant benefits to both the consumer and B2B markets, which includes security dealers as well as professionals who purchase and utilize a large volume of mechanical locks (builders, remodelers, property owners and managers).

The SC1 Keyway provides an additional avenue through which consumers can experience the convenience of patented SmartKey Security technology, which allows locks to be rekeyed without taking the lock off the door or hiring a locksmith, and without worrying about lost or unreturned keys. This means that consumers will save time and money by being able to re-key their Kwikset locks themselves in seconds.

Consumers who have other lock brands utilizing the SC1 Keyway throughout their homes can now put Kwikset locks into the mix.

More specifically, consumers who have other lock brands utilizing the SC1 Keyway throughout their homes can now put Kwikset locks into the mix, since the SC1 Keyway – via SmartKey security – will allow them to re-key their new Kwikset locks to their existing locks, reducing the overall number of keys the homeowner needs. As a result, consumers, no longer tied to their current locks brands, can experience the high level of security, dependability, and durability of Kwikset locks.

The SC1 Keyway presents a powerful selling proposition for dealers, giving them a tool to transition consumers into the convenience and flexibility of SmartKey technology. Dealers working with Kwikset now have the flexibility to offer both the KW1 Keyway and the SC1, the industry’s top two keyways — both available with SmartKey functionality. So, dealers can now actively sell the highly desirable benefits of SmartKey to consumers who can instantly integrate the new lock into their current keying system.

Building owners and property managers will also welcome this new innovation. Many of these professionals have noted that their current properties use C-Keyway products, and while they may want to use Kwikset® locks, they have been reluctant to introduce different keyways into their existing properties, creating a need to manage different properties with different keyways.

Because C-Keyways are the second-most commonly used keyways in the market, the new Kwikset SC-1 Keyway will provide the company with an opportunity to make an even bigger push into the homebuilding and property management markets.

“Our new SmartKey® SC1 technology provides consumers, dealers, builders, remodelers, and property owners and managers with tremendous convenience,” said Kwikset North American Director of Sales, Nick English. “With the SC1, any Kwikset lock using SmartKey Security Technology, including both mechanical and electronic deadbolts, can be keyed to a competitive SC1 lock so that a single key can open both. Now all the doors in a home can share one key. Plus, builders and property managers can maintain the same keyways across sites and properties, with key counts as high as 100,000.”

Kwikset’s SC1 Keyway works with all standard SmartKey door locks and allows up to 100,000 key combinations. In addition to delivering one-key convenience, the SC1 technology’s patented SmartKey Security™ Technology protects against common break-in methods including lock picking and lock bumping. Plus, its re-key technology protects homeowners from the unwanted use of loaned, unreturned or lost keys.