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New ADAS Products, Cameras Shipping from iBEAM

The TE-BSM2 is iBEAM’s new rear two-way blind spot detection kit that brings high-tech safety without the lengthy installation.

iBEAM Vehicle Safety Systems by Metra Electronics has launched new aftermarket automotive safety products at SEMA360 that provide reliable OE-quality upgrades with easy to install options. Now shipping are two new ADAS products; a universal parking sensor system that requires no drilling, along with a two-way blind spot and lane change alert system that can be installed without removing the bumper. iBEAM is also now shipping a new wide-angle camera, a 1080p dash camera, and third brake light cargo cameras for Chevrolet/GMC and Ford trucks.

iBEAM’s new rear two-way blind spot detection kit brings high-tech safety without the lengthy installation. The TE-BSM2 is mounted entirely inside the vehicle with one sensor mounted on the rear windshield, providing a clean and easy installation that eliminates the need for bumper removal. Unlike other systems, everything is built into a single sensor for an easy DIY installation, with no additional control modules or parts needed. This system provides both audible and visual alerts for rear blind spot detection within a 65.5ft field. An LED visual-only alert is shown if there is a vehicle in the blind spot and then the visual and audible alert is triggered if the blinker is on and a vehicle is in the blind spot, alerting the driver immediately.

Without drilling into the bumper, iBEAM’s new two-sensor parking solution, the TE-2PSK, provides enhanced accuracy and easy installation. Its reliable technology uses a higher frequency than current sensors on the market to allow for a more precise 3-foot sensing field with fewer false triggers. The TE-2PSK has everything built into the sensors with no additional control modules or parts needed, resulting in an easy to install kit that doesn’t require drilling into the bumper – simply mount the sensors and run wires. A three-zone setup for audible alerts helps drivers navigate difficult parking situations with ease. Designed for rear plastic bumpers.

iBEAM’s TE-190 is a 190-degree wide-angle camera that provides more visibility due to its larger field of view. This camera lens is adjustable, it is rated IP69, and has selectable parking lines. The resolution is 600 TV lines, it has a minimum illumination of 0.01 lux and can be mounted in the front, rear, or side of the vehicle.

The TE-DVR1080 is a new suction-cup mounted dash camera that is powered by a cigarette adapter, allowing for an easy to install solution. It has 1080p resolution at 30 fps and a 150-degree wide-angle lens. The 2-inch LCD screen shows menu options to allow the user to take video, photos, or playback media on the screen, with motion detection and parking mode features available. The G-sensor will lock video recordings if a crash is detected to avoid overwriting video footage in the event of an accident.

Two new third brake light cargo camera frames are now available from iBEAM. The TE-3BLCFD is designed for 2015-2020 Ford F-150, 2019-2020 Ford Ranger, and 2017-2020 Ford Superduty trucks. The TE-3BLCGM is designed for 2014-2020 Chevrolet Silverado and 2014-2020 GMC Sierra trucks. These frames add a blind spot/cargo camera to the third brake light of the vehicle with 480 TV lines resolution, selectable parking lines, and a 136-degree horizontal field of view. Both of these cameras are rated IP69 and improve rear visibility, allowing the driver to keep an eye on their cargo and rear blindspot areas.

All of these new products are now shipping with additional details available at iBEAMusa.com.