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Petra to Carry UVBrite Water Purifier Bottles

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Distributor Petra Industries is adding the UVBrite brand to its product portfolio, which now numbers over 800 brands.

UVBrite offers products that bring UV purification technology to the portable convenience of water bottles. The brand’s line of purifying, self-cleaning, insulated water bottles is designed to ensure that water from any source is as pure as possible, the maker says.

“UVBrite is on the cutting edge of UV-C technology, and we’re excited to partner with them to offer their innovative products to our customers,” said Tate Morgan, president of Petra Industries. “With this tech, resellers can offer their customers safe, healthy, and purified drinking water anywhere they go.”

On top of offering UV-C purification, UVBrite water bottles, which feature safety locks, are said to be food-safe, BPA-free, and to eliminate 99 percent of microbes; they are rigorously tested to ensure they meet or exceed safety standards, according to the announcement.