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Nikon Offers Free All-in-One Editing Tool

Nikon NX Studio

Nikon has just released a new all-in-one software for viewing, processing, and editing still images and videos, and the best part is: it’s free. The software is available to download today. The only catch is that the images and videos must be captured with a Nikon digital camera.

The new NX STUDIO computer software combines elements of Nikon’s ViewNX-i image viewing software and Capture NX-D processing and editing software to create a more intuitive, single solution. Users can enjoy all of the basic editing features like white balance and exposure settings for RAW data and other picture controls. The NX STUDIO also allows creators to hone in on all of the beautiful details of their photos with tools that adjust only specific colors or areas of the image.

Users will be happy to know that the NX STUDIO offers the same user-friendly interface as previous Nikon applications with an upgrade to the menu design and overall organization. Functions like processing, editing, browsing, exporting, and sharing are all easy to access and faster than ever.

Once photos and videos are done, users can transfer their finished products to NIKON IMAGE SPACE, Nikon’s image sharing and storing service, or upload their videos to YouTube.

Key Features of NX STUDIO Include:

  • Vewing, processing, and editing are all done in one place. Accepted file types include: JPG, TIFF and .NEF (RAW) files.
  • Intuitive menu structure categorized by workflow
  • Terminology and menu items mirror that of Nikon cameras providing clarity for users
  • Features detailed editing functions from Capture NX-D, including color adjustment for specified areas
  • Works with other software such as Nikon Transfer 2 and Camera Control Pro 2 for a smooth post-shooting workflow
  • And more!

NX STUDIO will be updated as future camera models roll out, ensuring the longevity of the software for the end user.