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Petra Adds Children’s Educational Robot, ROYBI

Petra Industries adds ROYBI , children's learning robot, to line-up.

Wholesale electronics distributor, Petra Industries, has partnered with ROYBI, developers of the ROYBI Robot—a bilingual educational companion for children and families. The learning robot offers a wide variety features, offering more than 500 lessons in both English and Mandarin. 

According to the company, ROYBI’s mission is to offer children of all ages a personalized, intuitive learning experience. The toy robot assists in creating a “firm educational foundation for children based on their unique learning behaviors.”

ROYBI was named as one of The Best Inventions of 2019 by TIME Magazine. It also has won several tech competitions, including Tech for Good, Indiegogo Pitch CES, and Chamber of Commerce.

Tate Morgan, President of Petra, touts the ROYBI Robot, noting that it “promotes fun, intuitive, and active learning for children.” 

Morgan added: “Our customers looking to offer unique education options for parents and educators will find great success with this smart educational companion.”

Children can learn independently with ROYBI; the product has been drop-tested and is portable.

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