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Enclave Audio Partners With ProSource

The Enclave Audio THX® Certified CineHome PRO CineHub Edition
Enclave Audio's THX-Certified CineHome PRO CineHub Edition

Earlier this week, ProSource, the largest specialty and consumer merchandising group in the United States, welcomed the CineHome product line from vendor Enclave Audio into its consortium of more than 550 specialty retailers and custom integrators.  

With its production of the CineHome audio systems, Enclave Audio has been on the cutting edge of the immersive wireless audio industry. Both the CineHome II and THX-certified CineHome Pro wireless home theater systems bring surround sound audio enjoyment without the mess or complication of wires. All of Enclave Audio’s products are certified to WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio) standards and can be set up in minutes using a smartphone app. 

Enclave’s built-in WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio) technology helps its system’s base station communicate directly with each audio component for a more reliable and seamless connection.

In linking with ProSource, Enclave Audio will benefit from expanding its consumer base for the Enclave CineHome II and the Enclave CineHome Pro systems to the specialty audio/video retailers and integrators within the ProSource community. In return, ProSource, a cooperative, member-governed, nonprofit buying group, will now have access to Enclave Audio’s easy to set-up immersive wireless audio systems. This partnership is a part of a larger push by Paul Burgess, Executive Vice President of Sales for Enclave Audio, to expand the audio company’s market reach and bring the CineHome systems to a broader consumer base. 

As David Workman, CEO of ProSource, commented on the benefit of adding Enclave Audio to the ProSource buying group, “Our position this year was not to add any vendor partners to the group…However, the Enclave wireless systems offer a unique and compelling solution to the demand we are seeing in the market for a high quality, simple to install product that will enhance the home theater experience that so many TV customers are looking for.”

This partnership provides supply-side benefits to Enclave Audio, while giving the ProSource group access to easy-to-use cutting-edge technology within the immersive audio industry.