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LG Makes a Comeback in the Esports Arena

LG Esports

This week, LG Business Solutions USA announced it would be renewing its sponsorship of Battle Academy, a free-to-enter esports multi-game tournament series for high school and college students, following a successful 2020 season. Several of last year’s participants were recruited to play at the collegiate level, and even received scholarships from various universities and colleges.

“Battle Academy’s 2020 launch was an overwhelming success that has given students a new avenue to hone their skills in multiple competitive esports games while attracting interest and even financial assistance from colleges looking to bolster their nascent esports programs and rosters,” said LG Business Solutions USA gaming monitor expert, Aaron Addison. “As a leading sponsor for the tournament, LG Business Solutions USA provides professional broadcasters to cover the live, online competitions on Twitch, solidifying the series as a force to be reckoned with amid a rapid rise in viewership and general interest.”

With the acceleration of gaming brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, students and their parents are beginning to realize the potential benefits gaming can have both personally and professionally. An education-focused competition league offers gamers a sense of community and structure, the same as any other college sport. On top of that, students can go on to pursue a number of different career paths in the gaming field including players, designers, artists, accountants, broadcasters, marketers, journalists and software engineers.

“We are putting more eyes on high school and collegiate esports competitions while informing people of the new career pathways emerging within the growing esports market,” Jackson explained. “Thanks to LG and our other valued partners we are offering a no-cost-of-entry model that develops an all-inclusive opportunity for students of all backgrounds and provides scholarships with amazing esports gear.”

Battle Academy has held tournaments for games like Rocket League and VALORANT, with additional titles planned for the upcoming 2021 season. The winning schools of each tournament will receive an array of leading gaming equipment, including LG’s own UltraGear monitors, designed to have ultra-low latency, high color accuracy and blistering refresh rates that enable players to compete at their best.

“Premium gaming equipment is to esports what the latest space-age swimsuits or sneakers are to Olympic athletes,” Addison added. “Forming an effective, competitive esports team or brand requires the latest computer technologies, from graphics processors to gaming mice to monitors such as the LG Ultragear. As colleges and universities increasingly recognize the career and enrollment potential of esports programs and teams, investment in proper computer labs and competition spaces will likely include multiple gaming stations and Twitch-friendly components such as video walls, display monitors and broadcasting workstations to help prepare students for careers in professional esports.”