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GUND Ensures Your Child’s Favorite Toy Never Gets Lost Again

GUND Bluetooth Tracker

Keys…Wallet…Phone…Plush Toy? With the new partnership between plush toy manufacturer GUND and Bluetooth tracking device maker Chipolo, plush toys can now be added to the list of track-able essentials. This marriage between plush toys and Bluetooth tracking devices is designed for parents whose peace and happiness goes hand in hand with a satisfied child.

The Chipolo Bluetooth tracker, a small disk roughly the size of a dollar coin, attaches to the plush toy at the neck, and connects to a mobile app. When the toy is misplaced, parents can simply open the mobile app and play a sound on the Bluetooth tracker. Moreover, through the mobile app, parents receive an out-of-range notification when the Bluetooth connection from the tracker is lost. This feature is ideal for travel, and for any child who likes to take their plush toy with them on the go. The Chipolo Bluetooth tracker ensures that the child’s plush toy will never again be forgotten and left behind.     

For a brief promotional period (expected to run until August 1, while supplies last), GUND, the Canadian owned plush toy manufacturer, will include a free Chipolo Bluetooth tracker, a $25 value, with the purchase of $25 or more on GUND.com.