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TCL Launches First TV Line with Google TV Built In

TVs are becoming increasingly user-friendly, as manufacturers seek to provide solutions that give customers maximum ease and personalization. In line with this trend, TCL released its new 5th- and 6th-series TV lines, the first of the corporation’s products to include Google TV. TCL’s partnership with Google TV represents a transition from their long standing exclusive partnership with Roku TV. 

The addition of Google TV gives the customer access to a content-first interface that doles out personalized recommendations via previously watched content, saved history, and trending items. The Google TV platform places content and movies from over thirty streaming service platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and Apple TV in one centralized location, giving the user the ability to easily access the library of more than 700,000 movies and TV shows. In addition, the Google TV smart platform, that gives the user the ability to manage devices throughout the home straight from the TV; moreover, The TV is able to be accessed through the voice controlled remote feature. 

“With the explosive growth of smart TV and streaming service adoption, TCL is excited to expand our award-winning portfolio with Google TV models in the North American market. Leveraging our vertical integration, massive business scale and innovation advancement to deliver best-in-class products, TCL is further accelerating its industry leadership position with strategic partners like Google at a time when content navigation and discovery are so important,” said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President for TCL North America in the press release.

The series 5 and 6 TCL TVs provide great color with QLED quantum dot nanocrystals, which utilize a film of tiny crystal semiconductor particles that can be controlled for their color output. Furthermore, the Dolby Vision HDR presents pictures with wider amounts of color, brightness, and contrast, making for a crisp clear image. The new TCL TVs are also fitted with a high-performance far-field mic array so that voice commands to the TV can be understood from any part of the room. 

Currently available for purchase, the mainstream TCL 5-Series Google TV (S546) is available in four sizes 50” at $599, 55” at $649, 65” at $899 and 75” at $1,299. While the more advanced TCL 6-Series Google TV (R646) is available at 55” for $999, 65” for $1,299, and 75” for $1,799.