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Protect Your Ears with ISOtunes LITE

Person using ISOTunes earbuds

People who do construction or their own home improvement need the proper equipment to protect them from any harm while working. Power tools are helpful, but they can cause damage to users’ ears because of the loud noises they produce. ISOtunes is known for its Bluetooth hearing protection products and has created a more affordable version for consumers, the ISOtunes LITE.  

“Many DIYers and people with loud hobbies need some type of hearing protection, but don’t want to break the bank,” said Eric Murphy, Co-Founder of ISOtunes. “ISOtunes LITE is the audio solution for them and we hope it exceeds their expectations when it comes to sound, design, and affordability.” 

Each purchase comes with three pairs of ear tips ranging from small to large so users can find the perfect fit for their ears. There is also no need to worry about losing your earbuds because the secure-fit ear fins will give users a secure and safe fit every time they are worn. The ear fins are on one side of the earbud to prevent your buds from falling out of your ears. 

Users can get all-day protection while working with 10 hours of battery life. Working with loud tools can damage your ears, but the LITE earbuds have a noise reduction rate of 26 dB, which reduces harmful noise pollution.  

Also handy for situations where hands are busy with DIY projects are the LITE’s magnetized earbuds in a neckband style, which lets users rest the earbuds on their shoulders when they are not in use instead of carrying them in a case or their pockets. The magnetic function also reduces the risk of losing or dropping the product in any unwanted places like an open paint bucket. Even when you are 30 feet away from your device the earbuds will stay connected and you can control your device with the multi-functional controller on the neckband. Even if the work you’re doing is messy or causes you to break a sweat, you won’t have a problem because these earbuds are fully water, dust, and sweatproof.  

This ISOtunes LITE retails for $69.99 which is very affordable for hearing protection earbuds compared to the Walker’s Silencer Electronic Ear Plugs which are $115.79.