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HANDL Releases Limited-Edition, Artist-Signed Smartphone Grip Stands

HANDL Rose Gold Seashell HANDLstick

THE DAILY SCOPE, 4/6/2022: NFTs may be all the rage in terms of collectible art, but in the real world, HANDL, which makes retractable smartphone grips-cum-stands, is facilitating art in the mostly commoditized accessories category. Soho painter Allen Hirsh has been commissioned to create limited edition HANDLsticks, as the company’s grip stands are called, with distinctive designs and ornaments inspired by the artist’s real-world art and antiques collection. The first two in the series include a limited edition of 50 leather HANDLsticks with attached animal head ornaments and a limited edition of 500 Rose Gold Shell HANDLsticks made of real seashells. Each HANDLstick in the collections is signed by the artist.  Since smartphones more or less look the same, it’s refreshing that creativity and collectability are still alive and well in the form of mobile accessories.

In other new product announcements, Sony just launched a new UWP-D wireless microphone series, which includes the URX-P41D two-channel portable receiver that is compatible with MI (Multi Intrerface) shoe with digital audio interface. The URX-P41D is available on its own, or as part of the UWP-D27 package, which also comes with two UTX-B40 Bodypack Transmitters. The URX-p41D is optimized for news and documentary-type productions. Itwill be available this month for $680 on its own or $1,230 as part of the UWP-D27 package.

Lastly, with “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment plans so popular among younger consumers – 50 percent of millennials don’t own a credit card, according to a recent BankTracker survey – it’s no surprise that buying groups are offering the option to their members. Nationwide Marketing Group this week announced that it was partnering with digital payments service Zip Co. (formerly known as Quadpay). This enables members of the CE, furniture, and appliance buying group to easily provide no-fee and no-interest, four-installment payment plans to their customers who prefer not to use traditional credit cards or have no credit. Zip already has more than 9.9 million users, and this latest announcement is sure to bump that number up considerably, as well as broaden the visibility of the brand.


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