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Ultrahuman Announces New Metabolic Smart Ring

Ultrahuman, the Indian fitness-oriented tech start-up, has announced the Ultrahuman Ring, a wearable smart ring that will provide metabolic insights like temperature and heart rate and will be able to analyze the user’s stress levels, activity density and sleep quality. Designed to work with Ultrahuman’s other wearable, the glucose monitoring service called “Cyborg,” the pairing would create a deep level of insight into the user’s bodily responses that might be affecting stress and sleep quality. 

The Ultrahuman Ring will still work individually however, and will not totally rely on the pairing with the Cyborg. That said, the start-up company believes that the user will get the most benefits when the products’ features are combined. And as the wearable space becomes more and more packed with competitive products — both from a fashion and technological standpoint — the Ultrahuman Ring is attempting to market toward those seeking analytics and insight into their metabolism and what factors could be affecting it.

Ultrahuman’s wearable products are designed to look sleek and fashionable. The Ultrahuman Ring is not cluttered with visual distractors, as the company opted for a clean and solid look to the product, a similar decision to their upper-arm Cyborg sensor. The ring will be offered in both black and shiny metal titanium finishes, and it goes up for pre-order today.