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PSB Announces New Generation of Synchrony Series Speakers

PSB has announced the launch of the new generation of its Synchrony Series speakers, which is now available around the world. This launch is in coordination with the company’s 50th anniversary. This generation of the series is made up of T600 and T800 tower speakers as well as B600 bookshelf speakers. The Synchrony Series is pricey to be sure, with the B600 bookshelf speakers costing $2,799 per pair, the T600 tower speakers costing $8,999 per pair and the T800 tower speakers costing a whopping $11,999 per pair.

In other, and more affordable, speaker news, the Wonderboom 3 from Ultimate Ears has just been announced. It’s the latest in Ultimate Ears’ affordable Wonderboom series, which consists of small, round portable speakers. The latest Wonderboom could hold up to 14 hours of battery, has an improved Bluetooth range and like the others in the series, it will be able to float on water for beach or lake day fun. And while there are plenty of other features that the Wonderboom sells itself on, there is some frustration that this new model will still use a Micro USB to charge as USB-C connections grow more popular. 

Finally, Google Cloud has announced that it will be ending its IoT Core Service, claiming that it believes that customers would be better benefited by having partners manage IoT services for them. While customers will have a year to move their services to a partner, many are left unsatisfied and betrayed by the sudden announcement. 


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