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Wemo Announces New Version of its Smart Dimmer

This week Wemo announced a new updated version of its Smart Dimmer with Thread, which is an in-wall dimmer switch. It allows you to dim and switch lights on and off remotely via Thread or Bluetooth in Apple’s HomeKit platform. The most major change from the previous models to this new Smart Dimmer is its focus on Thread. Thread is an alternative to Wi-Fi in use for connectivity purposes, and is designed by smart home technology company, Matter. Specifically designed to be a faster, more reliable connectivity service for smart home devices, it will not be surprising to see more smart home companies incorporating Thread into their products as the service becomes more available. 

Another important note about the Smart Dimmer is its reliance on Apple’s HomeKit platform. A potential barrier to entry for some consumers is that, due to this reliance, users currently need an Apple HomePod Mini or a second generation Apple TV 4K to service as border router for Thread. To solve this problem, there will be an update sometime in the future that will allow for use of products from other manufacturers to serve in this function. That said, you could still use Bluetooth to control the Smart Dimmer if you do not have access to one of those Apple products, but you would not have access to Thread connectivity.

Wemo is a branch of Belkin, specifically working on smart home products, so the product is available currently on Belkin’s website and will soon be available on Amazon. For more in-depth product information, visit the product’s website