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Can Consumer Electronics Retailers Use Social Media to Stir Emotion?

Throughout the decades, marketing has used multiple tactics to get customers to purchase a product or service. How can CE retailers use emotion to sell tech and do it efficiently?

Family Forward Posts

Appeal to the entire family, from grandparents to kids, by representing that technology is for every age group. What was once just for parents to purchase, the whole family makes the decisions and enjoys the tech in their home. Show photos of all ages while posting on social if applicable to what you are trying to sell. If it is home entertainment, show the family enjoying a movie night. If it is a gaming show, siblings play the games together. Text in postings should stress time together as a family or staying in touch when the family is far away.


Security has been a significant factor in tech in the last few years. The protection of user data and content streamed has become an increasing concern to the average consumer. Big tech companies have prioritized making security a driving factor in producing Software and Hardware. Familiar images with security include a lock symbol and the text usually related to security with two-step authentication, fingerprint or a face system.


Travel is emotional, whether it be anxiousness, excitement or relaxation. Our journey nowadays has been eased with technology where the phone in our pocket acts as a tour guide, GPS and calendar all in one. If you specialize in audio, headphones are a big draw on planes. Can your headphones help ease the anxiety of flying?

Technology can spur emotion in a few different ways, and specializing in selling that product can give some new opportunities in marketing. Look for the best images to sell how a product feels in the customer’s home and everyday life.