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HTSA Sees Major Growth Potential in Lighting Channel

HTSA Sees Major Growth Potential in Lighting Channel
Jon Robbins, Executive Director for HTSA, gives a speach to members.

Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) is gearing up for the second annual Lightapalooza event, which is set to run from February 20-23 in Phoenix. Lightapalooza provides an opportunity for custom integrators from across the space, regardless of HTSA membership status, to receive important design and installation trainings on how to capitalize on the growing lighting channel.

Speaking on the foundation of the event, Jon Robbins, Executive Director for HTSA told Dealerscope: “Five years ago, we started looking at lighting since 90 percent of our members were already doing control. We looked at this as an opportunity not just to create more business but also to get the CI trade in the conversation earlier with builders, designers and architects. That was the original goal and it has turned into a significant business for a lot of our members.”

Last year, the event, which was held in February and proposed on short notice by the Director of Technology Initiatives for HTSA, Tom Doherty, in November, drew roughly 250 attendees and featured 17 vendors.

On Doherty’s ability to organize a successful and well-thought-out event in just a matter of months, Jon Robbins said simply, “you don’t dare Tom Doherty.”

The number of vendors for Lightapalooze is set to double to 34 in 2023 while the number of attendees is expected to fall between 500 and 750.

With Lightapalooza, HTSA feels as though they have a recipe for success. The lighting industry is dynamic and becoming an increasingly important component of connected home ecosystems. It is also a segment of the industry that isn’t typically a major focus point for custom integrators, making it a phenomenal growth opportunity.

On the rise of lighting in the CI trade, Doherty told Dealerscope: “Lighting is not only important and growing amongst dealers but also amongst these A/V reps who are kind of taking on a whole new category. They’re just hungry for knowledge on the topic and exposure to lighting fixture vendors that are wanting to engage our channel.”