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Azione Unlimited Is “Alive in Las Vegas”

Azione Unlimited Is “Alive in Las Vegas”. G.A. Bartick
G.A. Bartick, president of Consilio, speaking in Las Vegas

Day two of Azione Unlimited’s “Alive in Las Vegas” event, held at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, got underway today with an overview of the day’s plan by Azione Unlimited president Richard Glikes. This year’s event is placing a major emphasis on peer-to-peer learning through deep-dives discussions facilitated by experts.

The day proceeded with a guiding question posed by speaker G.A. Bartick, president of Consilio: “How do we embrace change? And, how do we make learning processes part of our organizational DNA?”

The talk explored topics of organizational development, leadership, team-building and business relationships.

Such questions are particularly pertinent for those in the custom integration space as the technology landscape is constantly changing and evolving. As a result, consumers demand that custom integrators be drastically ahead of the general public in comprehending and implementing cutting-edge products and strategies.

Central to Bartick’s talk was the message that a business is only as strong as the team behind it and that intra-team learning opportunities are essential for development: “There are things that only you can do but there are also things that we can get our team to do if we understand how to deliver and transfer the skills that you have -or the skills that your teammates have- to other people.”

From there Bartick dove into the four stages of learning a new skill: Unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and unconscious competence. These four stages describe the transition from unknowingly not having a skill all the way to constantly implementing a skill without needing to think about it.

Not only is this message highly relevant to personal development but it can also help members of leadership to stay conscientious of the stages of development in a team member. To do so, Bartick recommends asking the questions: “What skills do I need to transfer? How am I going to transfer these skills? What are the individual steps that I can do to break down the process? So, step by step, what can you do just to get the person to a satisfactory level.”

In regards to the speech by Bartick and the quality of the event put together by Azione Unlimited, Hank Alexander, Director of HTSN at Nationwide, told Dealerscope: “Richard does a phenomenal job at these shows… we’re in here at eight o’clock in the morning and everybody is listening and paying attention. That’s good content in Las Vegas at eight o’clock in the morning.”

If the crowd was at all weary from the prior night’s adventures it wasn’t apparent; instead, the smell of coffee wafted throughout the ballroom and everyone seemed primed to tackle a full day of content.