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Automation Is the Name of the Game at CES 2023

Automation Is the Name of the Game at CES 2023
Image: Snowbot

The whirlwind of CES is over after five days of non-stop action. Booths are packing up, people are rushing to catch flights and the general madness and traffic that CES brings to Vegas is winding down.

Keeping track of all the new products and major announcements of the event can be daunting, to say the least. It’s nearly impossible to cover every booth of a show that features over 2,000 vendors and spans 2.9 million sq ft. 

A major theme of CES 2023 was automation, touching nearly all of the major segments of the event from mobility, smart home and artificial intelligence to gaming, gadgets and monitors. Here are a few of the niftiest pieces of automated tech that we found on the show floor.  


Concept cars are a polarizing topic. Some people find them tacky and unrealistic while others see them as revolutionary. However, regardless of your stance on the topic, concept cars are worth paying attention to as they reflect the general direction the automobile industry intends to go. At CES 2023, there was no cooler concept car revealed than the Inception Concept from Peugeot. The car features a sleek boxy frame, a cockpit designed to turn into a living room, and next-generation battery technology that will push the boundaries of range to nearly 500 miles on a single charge.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics:

Out of what we saw from autonomous robots at CES 2023 no segment is more relevant to the consumer channel than autonomous cleaning devices. These robots will vacuum your house, clean your pool, mow your lawn and even snowplow your driveway all at a price point that doesn’t put them out of reach of the everyday consumer. Companies such as NeatoAiperWORX, and Snowbot are worth keeping track of in this vertical.

Smart Home:

From the smart home sector, two products, in particular, caught our eye: the Numi 2.0 smart toilet from Kohler and the Ring Always Home Cam. Featuring a motion-activated lid and Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speakers, the Numi 2.0 smart toilet brings an unexpected level of automation to the bathroom. The device also comes with an automatic bidet that washes and dries your behind. Lastly, with the Always Home Cam, Ring is bringing the at-home security camera experience to a whole new level. The device, which the company touts as the world’s first flying indoor security camera glides around the house and allows users to keep tabs on every room in their house while on the go.