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New at CES: An In-Car Karaoke System

New at CES: An In-Car Karaoke System

In the biggest news for in-car karaoke since the debut of “Carpool Karaoke,” the Singing Machine Company, Inc. has teamed up with Stingray to launch what they call “the world’s first fully-integrated hardware and software in-car karaoke solution for the global automotive market.” 

Singing Machine developed the in-car karaoke microphone, while Stingray offers the karaoke automotive app, which includes a catalog of over 100,000 songs, with new songs and remixes being added all the time.  

“We’re thrilled to be working with our longtime strategic partner, Stingray, to create the world’s first in-vehicle karaoke solution for the global market,” Gary Atkinson, CEO of Singing Machine, said in the announcement. “This launch represents a key shift in our product strategy, offering auto manufacturers a chance to integrate a new immersive karaoke experience within their product lineup.” 

“We understand the desire among drivers for new in-car entertainment experiences. Karaoke is the perfect product to demonstrate high-fidelity audio and video experiences available for electric and next-generation vehicles today,” Eric Boyko, President, Co-founder, and CEO of Stingray, said in the announcement from the companies. “We’re excited to continue to partner with Singing Machine to bring this new solution to the automotive market while expanding our brand presence worldwide.    

As for the safety question, it works like this, the companies said: “While parked, passengers can scroll lyrics on the infotainment screen to help sing along to their favorite song, whether they’re the driver or front-seat passenger. When the vehicle is in motion, scrolling lyrics are synched on mobile devices via the Passenger App by scanning the QR code on the infotainment screen.” 

There is no announcement, as of yet, of pricing or availability for the product.  

Singing Machine and Stingray are operating a joint booth at Booth #17293 in the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.