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At CanJam NYC 2023: Headphones.com

At CanJam NYC 2023: Headphones.com
Andrew and Taron Lissimore at the headphones.com booth

Headphones.com, the online company whose website carries a broad and deep collection of headphone brands and accessories, occupied a prime front-and-center position at February’s CanJam NYC 2023, offering show browsers the chance to check out, via a “wall of headphones,” a sampling of models and styles.

“Our focus is on community content – a way to educate people on high-end audio,” says Andrew Lissimore, CEO, who, with his brother, Taron (who is director of sales), co-founded the site in 2018. “Our mission,” he continues, “is to be the most trusted place in the world to learn about headphones. And we dedicate a ton to pre- and post-sale service.”

The site carries over 50 brands ranging in price from $99 to $50,000 and boasts around 80,000 subscribers on YouTube — a base built over the last two-and-a-half years.

One of headphones.com’s reasons for being, he says, was that “many people are not near a place to ‘experience’ headphones. So our team does the deep vetting.” And it creates a welcoming learning environment for headphone newbies who may not know much about what’s on the market in designs, form factors, or the latest audio technologies.

A fundamental way headphones.com reinforces its bond of trust with buyers — which particularly resonates with high-end-headphone purchasers whose average orders range around $1,000 — is that it offers a 365-day return policy, because “we realize it’s a very experiential product,” Lissimore says.

He notes that headphones.com is well-positioned to showcase some of the hottest headphone trends – which currently include models in the high-end wireless active noise-canceling category. “We’re finding that our consumers want a more premium experience,” he adds — a want that he says his company is well positioned to serve.