Home Audio/Video Sony Announces New Dolby Atmos Soundbar 

Sony Announces New Dolby Atmos Soundbar 

Sony Announces New Dolby Atmos Soundbar 

Sony Electronics has announced the company’s newest soundbar, the HT-S2000. Equipped with Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force Pro Front Surround, the 3.1-inch Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundbar is able to position sound in a vertical space for a truly cinematic experience. The soundbar also features Sony’s newly developed up mixer, which extracts individual sound objects depending on their localization and reallocates them, resulting in three-dimensional surround sound. A dedicated center speaker works alongside a built-in dual subwoofer to deliver clear and wide-ranging sound. The HT-S2000 costs $499.99 and is currently available for pre-order. 

In other news, the ZTE Corporation has partnered with Leia Inc on a new tablet that’s powered by 3D technology and artificial intelligence. The nubia Pad 3D is the world’s first 3D AI tablet and features embedded technology that enables eyewear-free 3D calling, streaming and gaming experiences. The tablet was created with Leia’s 3D lightfield technology and AI computing power engine, as well as advanced neural network and deep-learning algorithms. The tablet has been in the works since 2020 and was worked on by more than 200 professionals. 

Lastly, Nikon has announced a new mentor’s course with photographer Jerry Ghionis. The course will teach the fundamentals of wedding photography to new and intermediate professionals. Consisting of easy-to-follow lessons that are available on-demand, the course also features exclusive bonus downloadables, recommended gear lists, a shoot day production timeline and sample client pricing sheets. 


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