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Arcade1Up Brings Arcade Experience into the Home

Arcade1Up Brings Arcade Experience into the Home

Arcade1Up recently announced its new Deluxe Edition machines, with a flagship design aimed to imitate the experience of playing at the arcade. The machines include popular, nostalgic titles such as “Pac-Man,” “Class of ‘81,” and “Mortal Kombat.”

The company has said the Deluxe Edition range of machines are its most authentic yet, with a single-cabinet design that mirrors gaming machines of yesteryear. However, the devices have received some updates to make them more appropriate for the modern age, like Wi-Fi connectivity to enable online gaming

Beyond that the machines closely follow their inspiration from the 1980s, with “real-feel” joysticks, buttons, marquee and even a fake coin slot. Some machines come with a 17″ LCD screen which was seen in older classic machines.  

Arcade1Up has also launched a companion app to partner the launch of the machines. The app enhances the online gaming experience for users, with online leaderboards and charts, connectivity with friends for playing online, and updates regarding the latest news. 

Users of the companion app are invited to join the A1Up Community, where users create their own profile and build their network of gamers, with early access to the latest updates, events and offers. 

Choosing your arcade machine

Arcade1Up offers a variety of games that will appeal to a wide range of people, including classic arcade games, sports games, and fighting games to name a few. The company advises consumers to consider the age range and interests of those in their home and choose machines that fit best.

Thinking about the different formats and builds is also important, the company says, as well as where the machine should be placed.

Some consumers might also want to take gaming online and therefore ensure that their space is equipped with adequate range to their WIFI to allow for online multiplayer on some titles.