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Green Gadgets for 2023  

Green Gadgets for 2023  

The new year has brought with it several key innovations across numerous consumer tech product categories, from companies familiar and not so familiar.  

Schneider Electric’s Home System 

The French company in early January introduced what it calls an integrated home energy management solution, which the company says “automates energy production, storage, measurement and control, making homes efficient, resilient and sustainable,” all controlled with a single app. A 2023 Innovation Award Honoree, the product includes everything from a home battery to an electric vehicle charger to a smart electrical panel.  

Heybike’s Tyson e-bike. Image: Heybike

Heybike Tyson 

The latest product from e-bike manufacturer Heybike is the Tyson,  an app-controlled e-bike. A one-piece magnesium alloy product, it features a 750-watt motor on a unibody design, promising both lightness and durability. The product was unveiled at CES in January.  

Jackery’s LightCycle-S1. Image: Jackery

Jackery LightCycle-S1 

Jackery won four different CES Innovation Awards, and one of them was for the Jackery LightCycle-S1, which is a wheeled outdoor energy storage which sports 3500W power and 3500Wh capacity. The product’s “robust and shock-resistant design gives the user peace of mind for long-haul journeys,’ the company said.  

Remote Solution Co. ECO WOR Remote  

The WOR stands for “Without Rubber,” and the product is meant to meet sustainability goals by avoiding the use of non-recyclable rubber. The product also “increases resistance against water and dust,” the company says.  

Powercast Corporation “Ubiquity” Ultra Low Cost RF Power Transmitter. Image: Powercast

Powercast Corporation “Ubiquity” Ultra Low-Cost RF Power Transmitter 

The Ubiquity transmitter,  an ultra-low-cost RF power transmitter, is capable of charging multiple electric toothbrushes, electric shavers and other products at the same time. The product, according to the company, “enables a fundamental change in the way a bathroom works, eliminating wires around water and hence the chance for electric shock.”  

Baracoda Daily Healthtech’s BHeart. Image: Baracoda

Baracoda Daily Healthtech’s BHeart  

What the company calls the first-ever health tracker powered entirely by the user, the Heart is a health tracker powered by the user’s “motion, body heat and environmental light.” The product is embedded in a watch or watchband, in order to work as a fitness tracker. It comes with a standard app that will land in the App Store in April and the Google Play store in June.  

Asus’ 2023 Zenbook 14X OLED Laptop. Image: Asus

Asus’ 2023 Zenbook 14X OLED Laptop  

Asus once again emphasized sustainability in its CES lineup, with many of its products having earned the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) certification. One of those new products is the 14X OLED laptop, which features a new, eco-friendly finish, which it calls  Plasma Ceramization. The product is “halogen free and generates lower toxic emissions than other finishing processes, making the product more durable with less environmental impact,” the company said.  

Zendure SuperBase V. Image: Zendure

Zendure SuperBase V 

The product of a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $5 million, the SuperBase V is the company’s newest flagship Home Energy Storage System. Featuring semi-solid state batteries, the Super Base V is described by the company as “the first modular, portable power station with semi-solid state batteries to provide more reliable, safer, cleaner energy when and where users need it most.”