Home Audio/Video Kodak Releases New Projector with Android TV 

Kodak Releases New Projector with Android TV 

Kodak Releases New Projector with Android TV 

Kodak and its North American brand licensee, C+A Global, have announced the release of a new Android TV-powered projector. The Kodak Flik HD10 smart projector lets users access the Android TV app so they can stream all their favorite services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube. The new product can project up to 150 inches in full HD and boasts dual 5-watt speakers, making it perfect for an awesome cinematic experience. The Kodak Flik HD10 smart projector costs $269.99 and is currently available to purchase on Amazon. 

In other news, LG Electronics has signed a landmark voluntary agreement that aims to improve the energy efficiency of TVs sold in the United States. Under the agreement, companies agreed to ensure that at least 90 percent of TVs sold in the U.S. and Canada will have a standby-mode power usage of no more than 2.0 watts by 2026. Additionally, companies will develop other power usage agreements and publicly disclose energy efficiency information. The agreement was originally announced in January and was led by the Consumer Technology Association. 

Lastly, the global smart clothing market is expected to reach an estimated value of $9.2 billion by 2032. According to a report from Extrapolate, the growth will be driven by certain companies who are pushing the technology forward, including Apple, AiQ Smart Clothing and APEX MILLS. Products like smart t-shirts, watches and shoes have become popular in the fitness and healthcare industries. The report mentions a few emerging technologies in the field to keep an eye out for, such as sensor tech and wireless connectivity. 


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