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Sony Electronics Releases Free ZV-E1 Upgrade

Sony Electronics announces a free upgrade for the ZV-E1

Sony Electronics announced a significant upgrade for the ZV-E1, the world’s most compact and lightweight full-frame interchangeable lens camera. This free upgrade introduces 4K 120p video recording and Full HD 240p recording capabilities, enhancing the camera’s versatility and creative possibilities for video creators. With smooth slow-motion footage five times slower than standard 24fps and minimized rolling shutter, the ZV-E1 demonstrates Sony’s commitment to delivering groundbreaking technology for all creators. The upgrade can be easily accessed through Sony’s Creators’ Cloud platform, enabling seamless installation and management of the license.

Starting today, Alpha ZV-E1 users can take advantage of this exciting upgrade at no additional cost. By expanding the camera’s video capabilities and providing access to advanced recording features, Sony empowers content creators to elevate their content creation experiences. To learn more about the ZV-E1 upgrade and initiate the process through the Creators’ Cloud application, visit Sony’s official website. Unleash your creative potential with the enhanced features of the ZV-E1.